Aloha Plenty Slack Key in a Hanalei Taropatch
                                               "Tuning Your World To Aloha!"                            Photo Courtesy of Steve Alterman
Doug & Sandy McMaster's     Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar & Ukulele

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Playing since he was six years old starting with his little Roy Rogers & Trigger guitar, Doug has amassed tremendous knowledge of the guitar, the ukulele, and everything embodied in creating, playing, performing, recording... even making the instruments - the woods, the tonal qualities, recording vs performing with them... and so much more.

Due to the volume of requests, he's established a special time for you to learn the old Hawaiian way - watch, listen, and learn. These sessions are not classes in the westernized sense of structured learning. You may or may not be given written documentation. This Hawaiian learning style is how Doug learned and is the most effective in inspiring and nurturing the spirit of slack key. Other more structured, western tools will be available as well as resource listings.

When you sign up, you will be asked to provide information about your instrument, skills, and specific questions or skills you are interested in so Doug can cover as much key information as possible.

Clinic size is limited to 6-10 people dependent on skill levels and learning objectives of the applicants. A second clinic may be scheduled if needed.

Cost of the clinic includes a concert ticket so that you can extend your watch, learn, and listen experience.

You will be learning in the perfect Hawaiian environment... in the taropatch with dancing taro leaves and endangered birds entertaining you on occasion.


    * SUNDAYS at 1:45 p.m. 1 hour (Please arrive by 1:30pm)
    * Clinics are held outside in the shade (inside when raining).
    * Clinic Fee: $77 includes 1 concert ticket.
    * Reserve your Clinic spot on-line below.You can purchase for more than one date in the same shopping cart.
    * If the clinic you request is full, your fee will be refunded and you will be put on a waiting list.
    * Directions and downloadable map in right column.
    * Clinics are hosted by Slack Key Music Center, a non-profit dedicated to perpetuating traditional Hawaiian slack key music.
    * Proceeds support the Hale Halawai 'Ohana 'o Hanalei and this program.

Clinic Date:

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You will find the Hanalei Family Community Center down the little dirt access road across from St. Williams Catholic Church (Malolo Rd.)  by the Waioli Park Soccer Fields... turn left  towards the mountains onto the dirt access road (Malolo Rd.)... turn left again about 20 yards... you will see the halau, several little green plantation style buildings, and the brown double yurt community center around the gravelled parking lot.
Join us & share the spirit of old Hawaii! Aloha and a hui hou,

Hanalei Community Center Sign on Road

FANs Applaud...
"We attended three of your concerts and were mesmerized by your music, but as well by your stories and your humour." - Robert & Karen Vancouver BC

"I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your concert on my visit to Kauai last month. I purchased all your CD's so
that I can be reminded of the beauty and peacefullness of your home." - Bill

"Rich, my fiancé, and I visited your Sunday concert while we were in Princeville a few weeks ago, and now it will be on our “recommended to do” list for friends visiting Kauai." - Gail Collins (now Cornelius!!)

"... most aloha experience on Kauai." - Emily and Bob

"Thanks Again SO VERY MUCH for being responsible for turning us on to Hawaiian music. If it were not for you folks we would never have found out about what has now become our favorite pastime...." - Mike & Paula Pailliotet

" Music that soothes my soul." - Karen & Ray

"This [concert] was everything I hoped it would be." - Paul

"Thank you for the wonderfull afternoon on Sunday October the 17th, listening to your stories and great music... We have enjoyed your music since and have your pictures on our computer which remind us that paradise is not far away... It's alway wonderfull to meet people that live their passion and spend all their time to translate it to us!" - Francine Begni

"Loved it! Great island experience!" - Stan & Debra

"The tranquility and harmony of this form of music. It's from the heart!" - Cynthia

"The best thing we've experienced on Kauai." - Paula

"We have all your CDs and enjoy them frequently. We have given them to friends as gifts and bring friends to see you in person while on Kauai." - Jim and Sheri

"My wife and one of our daughters attended your concert on July 2 and had a wonderful time. We tell everyone what a great experience it was to learn of the history of Ki Ho'alu and your stories of the history of the music and the area. ... Your music inspires me to continue to study this music and play it for my grandkids. Your finger work on the fret board is amazing and as with everything that seems so simple is obviously very difficult. Your dedication and talent reflect that in the beautiful music.
I am reminded of the lady who after listening to a famous concert pianist remarked to him that she would give her life to play like he did. His response was "Madam, I did"!
Thanks to you both for being so devoted and passionate about your work and giving your life to the further this music." - Carl Walls

"heard you in Hanelei last April one rainy Sunday at the Center....when we play your CD'S we are reminded of that magical afternoon..." - Aileen & Chuck

"One of our highlights was your concert and information on slack key music on Sunday afternoon in the Community Center! We still enjoy playing our CD's as they are so relaxing and serve to remind us of all of the fond memories of our stay on Kauai. Please remember that you and your music are a significant addition to our enjoyment of our visit to the "Garden Island". -Gary & Sheila Hrdlicka

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